KARATE’s advisory board AB guides the partnership with reference to the needs and viewpoints of key stakeholders, guaranteeing that the project carries out development work relevant at the industrial level and for the benefit of the society.   


is active since 2012 in the field of personal care and home care services for the industry, in particular for developing and marketing new ingredients for the health and care field. This Company has a special focus on sustainable processes and technologies with low environmental impact, involving the valorization of biomass and agri-food by-products by isolating functional molecules with high benefit. 

BiCT Bioindustry Innovation

is a start-up company founded in 2009, which works in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, and animal wellness sectors. It offers research services for the development of industrial products and processes, aimed at the production of microorganisms and bioactive molecules, supporting customers in all phases of design, from feasibility studies to product and process optimization, up to technology transfer and industrial-scale production. 


is a global expert in research, planning, development, and production of functional, active, and performance ingredients for health and personal care. Its main objective is to drive innovation following the philosophy of respect for the environment, bio-diversity preservation, and use of sustainable sources. 

Solvay Specialty Polymers

is a global leader in materials, chemicals, and solutions for bringing advancements in planes, cars, batteries, smart and medical devices, water and air treatment. Solvay is committed to accelerate its contribution to circular economy, by doubling the sales of products based on renewable or recycled resources by 2030. 


is Europe’s leading manufacturer of special polyester/cotton blended fabrics for work wear, protective wear and casual apparel. This company exists since 1967, and has a strong commitment to combine fabric performance and continuous development in advanced technologies with respect for the environment. 

Revita Technology

is an Italian-American textile services company, which offers cleaning services and nanotechnology treatments on almost every type of textiles. Being a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council, the Company is strongly committed to use only natural products, with particular attention to respect for the environment. 

Societa' Agricola Bruzzese S.S.

is a local producer of eggs for small and large retailers, with controlled supply chain cycle, since 1968. They will provide feather waste to the KARATE consortium.


is a company founded in 2016 in Milan, with the aim to promote the integration between chemistry and agriculture through the development of new eco-sustainable products. It develops plant-based alternatives to fully synthetic oil-derived materials for advanced textile applications.

Linari Engineering S.r.l.

is an innovative company founded in Pisa 2003 by Eng. Stefano Linari, who will join the AB. It is a world leader in the creation of electrospinning systems, mentioned in dozens of scientific publications. Linari’s expertise range from electronics, to mechanics and multiphysics analysis. 


Lombardy Green Chemistry Association

will play an active role in promoting the involvement of all stakeholders interested through the promotion of meetings and opportunities, as well as becoming the reference point and the interlocutor of regional and national authorities for the definition and implementation of policies to support innovation in the field. 

KARATE Project’s industrial Advisory Board composition